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Welcome to the Explore area of the Ancient NC website. This section provides resources that go beyond the digital realm and allow you to actually visit people and places.

Driving Trails is a section that allows you to head out in your car to different portions of the state. The trails highlight important archaeological, as well as other cultural, sites that are connected by easily accessible roads. We hope that this will inspire you to head out and visit portions of the state you may not have seen, or sites you didn’t know about, and that you will explore other parts of the towns you drive through as well.

Archaeological Sites is a listing of archaeological sites in the state that are accessible and open to the public. They are divided along the same lines that we have split archaeological sites: American Indian and Colonial.

Native Arts links you to places you can go to support American Indian artists in North Carolina. We hope that as you learn more about the archaeological heritage of the state, you are also inspired to learn more about the American Indians continuing to reside here.