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Welcome to the Exhibits section of Ancient North Carolinians. This area of the website provides some special, broader views of archaeology in North Carolina. It currently contains the following exhibits:

Archaeology in Your County lets you see the wealth of archaeological material that has been found right in your own North Carolina county. As part of our beta testing we are going live with five counties to begin with, but will quickly expand to many more.

Timeline provides an overview of the ways that archaeologists divide time in North Carolina.This interactive timeline, developed by the Knight Lab at Northwestern University, provides a much more visual display of time than we are normally able to provide. Following the way we have divided sites on Ancient NC, we have an Indian Heritage and a Colonial Heritage timeline. Each division on the timeline also includes links to archaeological sites within that time period.

North Carolina’s First Peoples is legacy material that was initially put together as a part of Intrigue of the Past and provides information about American Indian lifeways from about 12,000 years ago until European contact.

Shipwrecks is designed to highlight North Carolina’s rich history of seafaring and river navigation. While it currently provides a basic overview of some of the more well known shipwrecks in North Carolina’s history, we will be adding new content about some of the actual archaeological investigations that have been done in North Carolina.

UNC’s Hidden Campus explores the archaeological investigations undertaken since 1991 by the Research Laboratories of Archaeology on the grounds of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. These projects revealed important new information about the campus prior to 1900.