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Welcome to the Colonial Heritage section of the Ancient Carolinians website. This area is meant to highlight sites that were occupied primarily by non-Native peoples, though this does not necessarily mean that American Indians were absent from individual sites or the larger landscape. Currently we have this section of the site split up By Time, although we plan to mirror the organization of Indian Heritage in the future.

Depending on where you look, historical periods are split up in different ways by different people. Although we have attempted to broadly follow the common historical divisions found on NCpedia, you may notice some periods that you haven’t seen before or see discrepancies in what you thought were beginning and/or end dates. In those cases, we have simply made different decisions about relevant turning points in North Carolina history; we do not make any claim to our divisions being “correct” and another way of dividing time to be wrong. For a quick overview of these periods, check out the Historic Periods