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These short video segments were created for a traveling exhibit called The Ancient Carolinians. The exhibit was created by the Morehead Planetarium and Science Center in collaboration with the Research Laboratories of Archaeology, both at UNC-Chapel Hill. Funding for these videos was provided by the Alcoa Foundation.

You can view the segments all together below, or scroll down further to view each clip separately.

Video Clips from Ancient Carolinians

1. Why Hardaway?

UNC archaeologist Brett Riggs describes the natural resources that attracted people to the Hardaway site for thousands of years. (00:55)

2. Stone Tools Through Time

Steve Watts of the Schiele Museum of Natural History explains that Stone Age technology is part of the history of all humans. (01:00)

3. Stratigraphy

UNC archaeologist Theresa McReynolds explains how studying stratigraphy helps archaeologists determine the relative ages of artifacts. (01:34)

4. American Indians in North Carolina

Executive Director of the North Carolina Commission of Indian Affairs Greg Richardson explains that American Indians have lived and thrived in North Carolina for more than 10,000 years. (00:34)

5. Moving Around Ancient North Carolina

Paleontologist Dale Russell of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences describes some of the plants and animals that ancient North Carolinians would have encountered. (00:32)

6. Hunter-Gatherer Lifeways

UNC archaeologist Silvia Tomášková describes the hunting and gathering lifestyle and explains how it was a successful adaptation for thousands of years. (01:08)

7. Flintknapping

Steve Watts of the Schiele Museum of Natural History demonstrates how to make a stone tool. (02:37)

8. A Gathering Spot

UNC archaeologist Steve Davis explains the social significance of the Hardaway site. (01:19)